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Wesil MB
Binder system for mineral wool fibers
Wesil MB is a complete floccing and bonding system developed specifically for mineral wool fibers. Wesil MB’s aluminosilicate binder and fibrous high alumina fillers form strong bonds with mineral wool yielding superior hardness and strength. Traditional colloidal silica-starch systems do not bond well to mineral wool resulting in soft and weak spots. Wesil MB is the optimum system for consistently higher standards and durability in mineral wool boards and shapes.

Wesil MB offers these advantages

Bonds Strongly to Mineral Wool  -
Uniquely able to form strong bonds with mineral wool fibers, yielding hard, strong boards and shapes.
Better Fired Strength - More inorganic binder creates better fired strength
More Uniform Product - Master batching creates more consistent binder ratios and enhanced product integrity.
No Cristobalite - Completely cristobalite free at use temperature, eliminating a common source of thermal shrinkage problems and health related concerns.
Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Medium density dry powder
Approximate Bulk Density (pcf) 30
Loss on Ignition* 4 – 5% (water of hydration)
Fusion Point (Inorganic Binder) 2900oF
Toxicity Non-toxic. Mildly acidic (pH = 4.5) See MSDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 300 lbs net; cartons, 45 lbs net.
*Typical value for Wesil MB bonded fiber products.

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