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Wesol AQ
Colloidal Alumina liquid binder for custom blended refractory coatings
Wesol AQ colloidal alumina Binder is an unique aqueous binder system developed for mixing with sized refractory flours and grains to give self-suspending, customer-blended coating mixes. Wesol AQ coatings are usable at extremely high temperatures and in contact with molten metals and open flame.

Wesol AQ offers these advantages

Improved Resistance to Molten Metals and Open Flame -
Customer-blended coatings for fiber shapes puts greater mixing control in your hands improving formulation strength and flexibility.
Improved Chemical Bonding - Unique modifications yield improved chemical bonding until sintering occurs.
Consistent Pigment Dispersion - Suspends and aids dispersions of pigments providing good colorizing brick coating mixes and rigidizers.
Completely Inorganic - A good inorganic binder for vacuum forming refractory fibers.
No Cristobalite - Completely cristobalite free at use temperature eliminating a common source of thermal shrinkage problems and health related concerns.
Typical Physical Properties

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Color White
Consistency Liquid
pH (20% sol) 3.5
Specific gravity 1.13
Stabilizing ion Chloride
Toxicity Non-toxic. Mildly acidic, protect eyes from splashes. See SDS.
Packaging Plastic drums, 55 gal, 520 lbs net; pails, 5 gal.

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