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Wesol C12
Colloidal Alumina sealer for ceramic fiber shapes
Wesol C12 colloidal alumina sealer is designed to seal dust and fibers on all cut or sanded fiber board surfaces. With increasing concern over airborne fibers and dust in the workplace, makers and users of ceramic fiber boards and shapes can easily and inexpensively improve safety and performance by sealing or rigidizing with Wesol C12.

Wesol C12 offers these advantages

Reduced Cristobalite Formation -
Sealed surfaces prevent formation of cristobalite during high temperature use, reducing health related concerns.
Reduced Thermal Shrinkage - Cristobalite, a common source of thermal shrinkage, is eliminated.
Improves Safety and Performance - Completely seals dust and fibers on the surface of all cut or sanded fiber boards.
Increases Refractoriness - High purity alumina sol provides for low reactivity and refractoriness at high temperatures.
Typical Physical Properties

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Color White
Consistency Liquid
Concentration, wt % 12
pH 3.5 - 4.5
Average particle size, nm 40
Stabilizing ion Chloride
Specific gravity 1.07 (9.0 lb/ft3)
Toxicity Non-toxic. Non-hazardous, safe for spraying relative to inhalation; protect eyes from splashes and spray. See SDS.
Packaging Plastic drums, 55 gal, 500 lbs net; pails, 5 gal.

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