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Wesol D30
High concentration colloidal alumina for fiber bonding and rigidizing
Wesol D30 colloidal alumina rigidizer is a high concentration, large particle size sol for superior rigidizing of refractory fiber shapes. Wesol D30 offers many advantages over colloidal silica sols including increased safety, lower electrolytes, lower reactivity at high temperatures, and less migration to the surface on drying.

Wesol D30 offers these advantages

Rapid, Deeper Absorption — Larger particle size and low viscosity mean that Wesol D30 absorbs rapidly and deeply for thorough rigidizing, even of thick shapes of two or more inches.

Withstands Higher Temperatures — High purity and low  reactivity yields greater refractoriness at high temperatures.

Reduces Surface Migration — This rigidizer has less tendency to migrate to the surface upon drying, resulting in a more uniform product.

Ready to Use — Wesol D30 is completely dispersed at the maximum concentration so no mixing equipment is required

No Cristobalite — Completely cristobalite free at use temperature eliminating a common source of thermal shrinkage problems and health related concerns.

Typical Physical Properties

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(Fiber Bonding)


Color White
Consistency Liquid
Concentration, wt % 30
pH (20% sol) 3.5—4.5
Average particle size, nm 100
Specific gravity 1.23
Stabilizing ion Nitrate, 0.33%
Toxicity Non-toxic. Non-hazardous, safe for spraying relative to inhalation; protect eyes from splashes and spray. See SDS.
Packaging Plastic drums, 55 gal, 570 lbs net; pails, 5 gal.

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