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Wesrock RFC#17
Refractory coating for fiber boards and shapes
Wesrock RFC#17 is a dry mix for blending with water to give hard, dense, highly refractory coatings for fibrous refractory boards and shapes. It is an all-inorganic alumina-bonded blend of zircon flour and tabular alumina grains that resist wetting by molten metals, giving excellent erosion resistance at temperatures to 3000 F.

Wesrock RFC#17 offers these advantages

Greater Wear Capability -
Resists wetting by molten metals giving excellent erosion resistance to molten metal contact surfaces such as trough and ladle liners.
Flame Resistant - Provides excellent erosion protection to burner blocks, furnace walls, and other flame contact surfaces.
Repairs Cracks - Excellent for crack repairs of ceramic shells and cores.
Rapid Drying - Low water content allows rapid drying with low cracking tendency yielding hard, adherent coatings.
Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Dry powder
Solids content, slurry (wt %) 86
pH 4 - 5
Specific gravity 2.75
Density (slurry, lbs/gal) 23
Toxicity Non-toxic. Do not breathe dust. See MSDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 500 lbs net,; cartons, 60 lbs net., in 10 or 20 lb bags.

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