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Complete Fiber-Bonding Systems

Our aluminosilicate binder systems are most economical for lower temperature applications, including tapping cones, riser sleeves and furnace burner chambers.

Colloidal Silica

We offer a complete line of LEVASIL® colloidal silica products for a variety of fiber bonding applications.

Colloidal Alumina

We offer a complete line of colloidal alumina products for fiber bonding, rigidizing and sealing ceramic and ceramic fiber shapes, suspending refractories, and paperboard frictionizing for anti-skid properties.


Our line of Cationic Corn Flake Starches give better vacuum formed products and we can assist you with optimum ratios of silica to starch for maximum strength and minimum cost.

Sealers & Rigidizers

Safe and effective sealers & rigidizers are available in several concentrations and particle sizes.


Our refractory coatings resist wetting by molten metals and give excellent erosion resistance at temperatures to 3000°F.


We offer a several additives to improve processing, including a wetting agent to enhance rigidizing.

Product Inquiries

After learning about our products, if you want more information, just fill out our product inquiry form and we'll contact you.

All Products

All products (including obsolete products) in alphabetical order for quick look-up.


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