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Our binder systems are dry blends of cold water swelling cationic corn starch, our proprietary aluminosilicate binder, and a buffer to optimize pH for floccing and bacteria control. They are most economical for lower temperature applications, including tapping cones, riser sleeves and furnace burner chambers. They can used to replace silica-starch formulations.


 Wesil CS

A general purpose Complete System for vacuum forming fibers.

Wesil HT

A High Temperature binder designed for repeated contact with molten metal, as in thermocouple shields.

Wesil NS

"No Smoke" is formulated for use when a minimum of off-gassing is desired in the finished product. 

Wesil RP

Replace Phenolics in riser sleeves and other foundry applications to eliminate hazardous phenolic fumes.

Wesil MB

A specially formulated Mineral wool Binder system designed for hard-to-bond mineral wool fibers.

Wesil MA

Mineral wool binder system containing Alumina for increasing the useful temperature range of mineral wool fibers.

Wesolok F

Alumina Floccing and bonding system for refractory fibers.

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