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Colloidal Silicas


Wesbond offers a complete line of Levasil® Colloidal Silica products, produced by Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals, for a variety of fiber bonding applications. Wesbond manufactures Wesol P, a proprietary positively-charged colloidal silica.

Contact us for suggestions on how to use these materials in your fiber-bonding applications.


Product Usage Description TDS SDS

Levasil® FO1440

Fiber Bonding

Colloidal silica for bonding and rigidizing fibers.


Levasil® FO2040

Fiber Bonding

Larger particle colloidal silica.


Levasil® FX2040 N

Fiber Bonding

Ammonia-stabilized larger particle colloidal silica.


Megasol® S50

Fiber Bonding

Large particle size colloidal silica for optimum strength in bonding ceramic fibers.


Wesol P

Fiber Bonding

Alumina-coated colloidal silica positive sol for filters and hydrophilizing.


Colloidal Silica Property Comparisons

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Product Surface Charge Surface Area Particle Size (calc) PSD Stabilizing Ion Stabilizing Ion Level pH SG Concentration Viscosity
FO1440 Negative 250 11 Narrow Sodium 0.50 10.5 1.3 40% 19
FO2040 Negative 200 14 Narrow Sodium 0.50 10.0 1.3 40% 13
FX2040 N Negative 200 14 Narrow Ammonia 0.20 9.5 1.3 40% 17
Megasol S50 Negative 80 35 Broad Sodium 0.20 9.5 1.4 50% 17
Wesol P Positive 250 11 Narrow Chloride 1.20 4.0 1.2 30% 18

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