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Bluonic A
Colloidal Alumina liquid binder for custom blended refractory coatings
Bluonic A colloidal alumina binder is an unique aqueous binder system developed for mixing with sized refractory flours and grains to give self-suspending, customer-blended coating mixes. Bluonic A coatings are usable at extremely high temperatures and in contact with molten metals and open flame. Bluonic A contains an organic blue dye that makes the coatings or patch visible during application but will burn out during firing.

Bluonic A offers these advantages

Resistance to Molten Metals and Open Flame — Customer-blended coatings for fiber shapes puts greater mixing control in your hands improving formulation strength and flexibility.

Improved Chemical Bonding — Unique modifications yield improved chemical bonding until sintering occurs.

Easily Recognizable — Blue inorganic dye makes coatings or patches easily recognizable. The dye burns out during firing.

No Cristobalite — Completely cristobalite free at use temperature eliminating a common source of thermal shrinkage problems and health related concerns.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color Blue
Consistency Slightly viscous liquid
pH (20% sol) 4
Specific gravity 1.14
Stabilizing ion Chloride
Toxicity Non-toxic. Mildly acidic, protect eyes from splashes. See SDS.
Packaging Plastic drums, 55 gal, 520 lbs net; pails, 5 gal.

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