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Levasil® FO2040
Larger particle size colloidal silica
Levasil® FO2040 is a larger particle (~14nm) colloidal silica that gives better refractory fiber composites. Extensive pilot plant studies show it gives stronger vacuum formed boards and shapes with better high temperature properties than the smaller particle silica sols. Levasil® FO2040 is a colloidal dispersion in water of 14 nanometer amorphous silica spheres at an economical 40% concentration. It is also available at 50% concentration as Levasil® 2050.

Levasil® FO2040 offers these advantages

Stronger Bonding and Hardness — Larger particle size yields higher green strengths (i.e., modulus of rupture) and harder refractory fiber shapes.

Better High Temperature Properties — Larger particle size and lower sodium content gives lower shrinkage at temperatures up to 2300°F.

Saves Money — Balanced silica to starch floccing ratio is more economical giving high strength with less colloidal silica in formulation. 

Rigidizes Better — Larger particles soak in further and giver stronger, harder rigidized products; lower sodium results in less shrinkage at end-use temperatures.

Flocs with Cationic Starch — Negative surface charge flocs cationic starch refractory fibers together to form a three dimensional floc for good product strength.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color Clear
Consistency Slightly viscous liquid
Specific Gravity 1.3
Specific Surface Area, m2/g 200
Particle Size, nm 14 (calculated)
Silica, wt% 40
Na2O, wt% 0.38
pH @ 25°C 10.0
Viscosity @ 25°C, cp 13
Toxicity Non-toxic. See SDS.
Packaging Bulk tanks, 4000 gal; totes, 275 gal. ;drums, 55 gal; pails, 5 gal.

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