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Levasil® FO9950
Very large particle size colloidal silica
Levasil® FO9950 is a very large particle size (~100nm), low-sodium colloidal silica that is used in ceramic fiber insulation, frictionizing applications, and abrasives. Levasil® FO9950 is a colloidal dispersion in water of amorphous silica spheres at an economical 50% concentration. 

Levasil® FO9950 offers these advantages

Stronger Bonding and Hardness - Larger particle size yields higher green strengths (i.e., modulus of rupture) and harder refractory fiber shapes.
Better High Temperature Properties - Larger particle size and lower sodium content gives lower shrinkage at temperatures up to 2300oF.
Forms 3D gels - Can be gelled with Wesol D30 colloidal alumina and refractory fibers to form thick fibrous coatings. 
Rigidizes Better - Larger particles soak in farther and giver stronger, harder rigidized products.
Flocs with Cationic Starch - Negative surface charge flocs cationic starch and refractory fibers together to form a three-dimensional floc for good product strength.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color White
Consistency Slightly viscous liquid
Specific Gravity 1.4
Particle Size, nm 100 nominal
Silica, wt% 50
Na2O, wt% 0.12
pH @ 25oC 9.0
Viscosity @ 25oC, cp 15
Toxicity Non-toxic. See MSDS.
Packaging Bulk tanks, 4000 gal; totes, 275 gal; drums, 55 gal; pails, 5 gal.

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