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Megasol® S50
Silica binder for refractory fibers
Megasol®S50 is the optimal colloidal silica for bonding and rigidizing of refractory fiber shapes and boards. Megasol®S50’s unique physical properties result in higher packing densities and stronger bonds. With approximately one third the surface area of commonly used binders, Megasol®S50 requires less cationic starch to floc and yields higher silica content boards and shapes with better high temperature performance characteristics.

Megasol® S50 offers these advantages

Greater Product Strength — Double the dried and fired strengths than other commonly used colloidal silica binders.

Flexibility in Formulation — Creates stronger boards than other sols at silica to starch rations of 1:1 through 4:1.

Lower or No Smoke Products — You can use as little as 2% starch and still get excellent floccing and product strength resulting in little or no smoking at elevated use temperatures.

Less Shrinkage at High Temperatures — Larger particles and low sodium content creates less sintering and less shrinkage at 2100 - 2300°F use temperatures.

Better Rigidizing — Larger silica particles soak in farther and faster for greater hardness throughout.

Saves Money — Higher green and fired strength means you can formulate using less starch and silica, lowering material costs.


Typical Physical Properties

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Color White
Consistency Milky Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.39
Specific Surface Area, m2/g 90
Particle Size, nm 30 (calculated)
Silica, wt% 50
Na2O, wt% 0.22
pH @ 25°C 9.0 - 9.5
Viscosity @ 25°C, cp 15
Toxicity Non-toxic. See SDS.
Packaging Drums, 620 lb. net; totes, 3100 lb. net, 275 gal.

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