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Wesbond PSA
Pigment Suspending Agent
Wesbond PSA is a pigment suspending agent designed for use in colloidal silica/pigment slurries for coloring and hardening of ceramic fiber shapes like fireplace logs. It performs exceptionally well for suspending pigments used in slurries for dipping, spraying, and brush-on applications. Wesbond PSA is an all-inorganic magnesium aluminum silicate powder with a pH similar to that of colloidal silica (9-10) and high temperature properties similar to the ceramic fibers used in vacuum formed fireplace logs.

Wesbond PSA offers these advantages

Easier Mixing — Improves pigment suspension and reduces settling to make mixing easier.

Improved Color Uniformity — Suspends and disperses pigment for more uniform color.

Improved Hardness — Colloidal mineral blend creates stronger, more durable coatings.

Significantly Lower Costs — WesBond PSA improves pigment surface retention reducing overall pigment use by up to 50% - a significant cost reduction. It also replaces up to 10% of expensive colloidal silica, bringing your overall formulation costs down.



Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Medium density dry powder
Approximate Bulk Density (pcf) 29
pH 9 - 10
Fusion Point (Inorganic Binder) 2400°F
Toxicity Non-toxic. Do not breathe dust. See SDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 250 lbs net; cartons, 50 lbs net.

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