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Wesil HT
High temperature system for molten metal contact
Wesil HT is a complete refractory fiber floccing and bonding system designed for thermocouple shields. Wesil HT contains a heat-setting proprietary binder for green hardness, and refractory additives that allow conventional refractory ceramic fibers to withstand molten steel contact at 2700°F.

Wesil HT offers these advantages

Significantly Reduced Costs — Typically reduces formula costs 30-40% below colloidal alumina/starch systems.

Hard, strong fiber shapes — Proprietary resin sets at drying temperatures (250°F) to give dense, hard green fiber shapes.

Reduces Fluxing and Shrinkage — Alumina coating of fibers maintains their integrity at high temperatures, allowing for successful operation at temperatures several hundred degrees higher than normal.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Medium density dry powder
Approximate Bulk Density (pcf) 29
Loss on Ignition* 4 – 5%
Fusion Point (Inorganic Binder) 2400°F
Toxicity Non-toxic. Mildly acidic (pH = 4.5) See SDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 250 lbs net; cartons, 45 lbs net.
*Typical value for Wesil HT bonded fiber products.

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