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Wesil RP
Binder system to replace phenolics
Wesil RP is a complete refractory fiber floccing and bonding system designed to replace the phenolic resin systems in riser sleeves and other foundry applications. Wesil RP contains cationic starch to floc the aluminosilicate binder on to the fibers and a non-toxic heat-set resin that sets up during drying to give extra hardness, strength, and resistance to moisture.

Wesil RP offers these advantages

Replaces Noxious Phenolics — Non-toxic heat-set resin replaces hazardous phenolic resin systems.

Increased Hardness — Heat-set resin can be used to replace starch and colloidal silica where extra hardness is required.

 Moisture Tolerant Parts — Formed parts are more able to maintain hardness and strength if exposed to humidity.

No Cristobalite — Completely cristobalite free at use temperature eliminating a common source of thermal shrinkage problems and health related concerns.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Medium density dry powder
Approximate Bulk Density (pcf) 28
Loss on Ignition* 5 – 6%
Fusion Point (Inorganic Binder) 2400°F
Toxicity Non-toxic. Do not breathe dust. See MSDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 250 lbs net; cartons, 45 lbs net.
*Typical value for Wesil RP bonded fiber products.

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