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Wesol P
Alumina-silica sol binder for alumina and acidic systems
Wesol P is a mildly acidic aqueous dispersion of positively-charged alumina-coated colloidal silica particles. Dense colloidal silica core particles are coated with positively charged Al-O-Al species. The surface mole ratio of aluminum to silica is 1:1. Developed as a hydrophilizing agent, Wesol P is also an excellent cationic surface modifier, inorganic binder, and flocculating agent.

Wesol P offers these advantages

Hydrophilizing agent — Better wetting of ceramic and enameled surfaces, glass, plastic films and fiber.

Cationic surface modifier — Cationic modifier of negatively charged surfaces, like ceramics, glass, paper and plastics, to improve adhesion, dyeability, printability, and anti-soil effects

Inorganic binder — A stable binder for ceramic coatings and slurries that require acidic and alumina compatibility.

Flocculating agent — For negatively charged materials like clays, starches, and resins to improve retention on ceramic, plastic, and paper fibers.

Reinforcement — Adds reinforcement to adhesives, polymers, resins, and inks.

Typical Physical Properties

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Color Clear, slightly blue
Consistency Liquid
Concentration 30 wt%
pH  4.5
Average particle size, nm 15 (estimated)
Specific gravity 1.2 (10 lbs/gal)
Silica/Alumina 26 wt %/4 wt%
Toxicity Non-toxic. Mildly acidic, protect eyes from splashes. See MSDS.
Packaging Plastic drums, 55 gal, 520 lbs net; pails, 5 gal.

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