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Wesolok A
Alumina binder for custom blended refractory coatings
Wesolok A alumina binder was developed for mixing with sized refractory flours and grains to provide stable, dry customized blends that can be mixed with water at time of use. This modified form of alumina gives improved chemical bonding to create hard, high temperature coatings for refractory fiber boards and shapes with improved resistance to molten metals and open flame.

Wesolok A offers these advantages

Blend Coatings for Your Specific Needs -
Mix with sized refractory flours and grains to have complete flexibility in blending custom coatings for fiber shapes.
Improves Resistance to Molten Metals and Open Flames - This alumina-based binder is ideally suited to high temperature applications.
Enhances Bonding Properties and Green Strengths - This modified alumina binder yields improved chemical bonding until sintering occurs.
Better More Uniform Color - Suspends and aids dispersions for pigments for use in color coating mixes.
Typical Physical Properties

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Color White
Consistency Dry powder
pH (20% sol) 4.5
Average particle size (nm) 50
Loss on Ignition* 20%
Toxicity Non-toxic. Do not breathe dust. Dispersions are mildly acidic, protect eyes from splashes. See SDS.
Packaging Fiber drums, 350 lbs net; cartons, 60 lbs net.
*Typical value for Wesolok A bonded fiber products.

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