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What's New at Wesbond?
Colloidal Alumina Wesbond Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of our Q series colloidal alumina products. These materials are designed to replace our former colloidal alumina products which are still unavailable. These materials are in our warehouse and readily available. Contact us for datasheets, SDS, and samples.

Bluonic AQ – our blue-colored binder system for refractory flours and grains.

Wesol AQ - an unique aqueous binder system developed for mixing with sized refractory flours and grains to give self-suspending, customer-blended coating mixes.

Wesolok Q – a dry powder that can be dispersed in water for use as a rigidizer for ceramic shapes, or as a binder for vacuum-forming ceramic fibers.

Wesol Q20 – pre-dispersed Wesolok Q colloidal alumina in a 20 wt% concentration in water.

Q-Series Product Replaces
Bluonic AQ Bluonic A
Wesil AQ  Wesol A
 Wesol Q20 Wesol C12
Wesol D30
 Wesolok Q Wesolok
Wesolok D

Name Change Our supplier of colloidal silica, AkzoNobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals, Inc., is the world’s largest producer of this material, marketing under several brand names in Europe and the US. They have recently been purchased by an investment group and have changed their name to Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals. This name will appear on product labeling and SDS sheets. New name, same great company.

In 2016, under the Akzo name, they consolided their product lines under a single brand name As of June 1, 2016, the Bindzil products were rebranded as Levasil. We will be ordering your products under the new name, and they will arrive at your site with the new name.

Let me stress that the products are exactly the same; only the name has changed.

Please refer to the table below for the new name of your material.

Bindzil Name Levasil Name
1440 FO1440
2040  FO2040
 2040NH4 FX2040 N
 9950  FO9950
Megasol S50 Megasol S50


Please alert your purchasing, quality, and production departments so that they can begin using the new names. 
Anniversary A message from Wes Jones, Founder and Past-President of Wesbond Corporation:

"Wesbond is celebrating 43 years of service to the fiber bonding industry this year. 

"As a small business, we recognize and respect our customers' needs to minimize cost while finding creative technical solutions. Our 'turnkey' approach to fiber bonding systems has streamlined the manufacturing process, reduced cost and labor, and improved product performance. But, most importantly, it has enabled our smaller customers to be an effective presence in a high-technology market without capital investment in on-site research and development.

"We believe that the basic principles that keep all businesses productive and profitable are the hallmarks of WesBond's lasting success - quality, courtesy and common sense, with a strong commitment to serving and improving our industry as best as we possibly can.

"On behalf of the WesBond 'family', thank you for being a customer. We really do appreciate your business."


New Products




Megasol® S50 Colloidal Silica

The unique properties of this brand new colloidal silica make it the optimal product for bonding and rigidizing. 

  • Twice the strength of other silicas.
  • Less starch needed.
  • Thorough rigidizing.

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