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Cationic flake corn starch
Westar+3 Cationic Flake Corn Starch was developed specifically as a replacement for cationic potato starches with the added benefit of greater strength and hardness. Westar+3 has a high nitrogen content (0.30%), the same as imported European potato starches. It will floc 25-30% more colloidal silica than our regular Westar+ Cationic Flake (0.20% N2) giving it an advantage in high silica formulations (8% by weight of fibers).

Westar+3 offers these advantages

More Uniform Coating and Floccing — Corn flakes disperse much faster than potato flakes, creating a more uniform product.

Flocs 25-30% More Silica — Readily flocs high silica formulations and is particularly effective with smaller particle colloidal silica, like Levasill FO1440.

Higher Green and Fired Strengths — Corn starch micelles are half the size of potato starch micelles, resulting in higher strength, hardness, and density.

No Cooking or Pre-Dissolving — Readily dispersing pre-gel flakes can be added dry directly to the slurry tank, providing more accurate additions, reduced bacterial attack, and less labor and equipment.

Made in the USA — Corn starch does not suffer from periodic shortages as do the European potato starches, so you can confidently plan for ample supplies.



Typical Physical Properties

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Color Cream
Consistency Flake
Approximate Bulk Density (pcf) 18 - 22
Nitrogen Content (%) 0.30
pH (5% Solution) 6 - 7
Toxicity Non-toxic. Natural product. See SDS.
Packaging Paper bags, 44 lbs net, 24 bags per pallet.

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